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These are my stories. The facts the fables, the legends and the lies all take place in the pages of these books.
I've Chronicled my wild side, the tales of glory, the tales of madness and misadventure are right here in black and white. I've been told that I lead an adventurous life, so my dear Lady Scarlett suggested that I pen them all down for the whole world to see...and so I did!



Pirates, Poets and
Pretty Maids all in a Row


A Pirates Tale
A saucy brew of fact and fable, legends and lies.
The story of a young lad's quest for immortality...eternal youth.
He sets out on an adventure, chasing his dreams in search of that rare dominating breed, those colorful vagabonds known only as Pirate's.

But what he finds is more...much more!


With a roll of the bone's he becomes mysteriously spun back in time. He awakens to find himself a stow away aboard one of the most notorious pirate vessels to ever tread water.
Take a ride with the Brethren of Caroline as they sail straight into the face of danger in pursuit of a mysterious Island that doesn't exist.


All for the love of Black Sam's Gold.


Skeleton Krewe

ISBN: 978-0-9967622-3-6

There’s a place where real

 and surreal collide.

With the touch of death cast upon him,
a young Mr. Bones must sign aboard a cursed krewe
to find the answer to his survival.

At the mercy of a madman, a phantom,
they must chase the horizon and their time left on earth

to find the ocean's daughter before the wicked finds them!

She bears the power to free their very souls
from a life never asked for, a life never wanted.

But will they find savior in this spirit

before the sword of Damocles

buries their souls at sea?
No one knows.


Chronical II in

“The Tales of Barnacle Bill”

Skeleton Krewe

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