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Barnacle NEWS & EVENTS


This is the place to go to catch up on the latest madness and mayhem of your pirate author Barnacle Bill Bedlam.
This page will post latest News on book signings, appearances, special events and the usual ruckus that my pirate mind can conjure on a whim,...the closest thing to an arrest record. ;)


So keep a weather eye on the News & Events of your pirate Captain, I may be coming to a town near you...if the money's right! ;)



Pirate's for hire.


With the release of my new book "Skeleton Krewe" it has put me back on the book signing trail. My travels are far and wide to promote my latest adventure...and you can bet I have a good time doing it!
So if within your range please come pay me a visit or if you would like a book signing, special appearances and general mayhem in your area just drop me a line and I'll be more than happy to oblige!



On the road again...


The season to plunder!
With a new book taking the world by storm so does a new schedule and calendar of mischievous events.
The dates on my dance card are steadily filling up as the excitement builds around the release of Skeleton Krewe. I set my sails to the wind with every new opportunity that comes my way!
Stay tuned to this site. Soon I will post the dates, book signings, film shoots, guest appearances, etc.

Come out and meet the good Captain and take part in my wild and wonderous world.

I'll see you all on the horizon!



Road to Ruin ~ 2017 Appearance Schedule
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