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Pirate author Barnacle Bill Bedlam joins Doce Blant Publishing

I remember it well. It was on an Island some years ago when I came to meet the shining star. She told me she was an author and that she wrote pirate books. Her smile equaled her charm as she said her name was Marti. I knew of her name and talent for quite some time but I just kept it to myself, I have a tendency to act impish when starstruck, so not to make a fool out of myself I just smiled and shook her hand.

Within minutes my wife, daughter and I took to her right away with a feeling of old friends re-uniting, it was a good day. We talked and talked on. She told me of her piratical tales, she told me of her home in Southern California, she shared with me her ideas and ventures. Within a short time she surpassed all obstacles and goals that she set for herself and still had enough energy and moxie to help a handfull of other artists find their goals as well. I drew to her dream like a moth to a flame, I knew it was to be a family venture and I wanted to be part of the family. And now our "breakfast club" of talented authors has gained incredible notoriety worldwide, we are rattling the cage of the literary world with many facets to the Doce Blant gem...and we owe it all to her! I thank you Marti for your trust in my visions. You're my mentor, you're my friend for always! Barnacle

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