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The book that started it all: The Tales of Barnacle Bill

This is the video aka short film trailer created for my first book in The Tales of Barnacle Bill. It was shot over a few weeks in the foothills of Carolina and beyond. An incredible piece of work done my my good friends Nate and Phil Berry of Lightwater Productions. I couldn't ask for a better video. Job well done.

It was quite an exciting time filming with this crew. Many pirate friends turned out, there were swords and cannons and smoke. Then we invaded indisclosed locations, so indisclosed even WE weren't supposed to be there... Ha!

A saucy brew of fact and fable, legends and lies. The story of a young lad's quest for immortality... eternal youth. He sets out on an adventure, chasing his dreams in search of that rare domineering breed,those colorful vagabonds known only as PIRATES, but what he finds is more...much more! With a roll of the bones he's mysteriously spun back in time. He awakens to find himself a stow away aboard one of the most notorious Pirate vessels to ever tread water. Take a ride with the Brethren of Caroline as they sail straight into the face of a hurricane in pursuit of a mysterious Island that doesn't exist. All for the love of Black Sam's Gold.

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