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A season to remember

Well the seas have opened on my 2016 book signing extravaganzas and I'd like to say "I'm living it large." Although I'm a native, having just moved back south to the Sunshine State I thought the struggle for acceptance would be a difficult one, but I couldn't be more wrong. My former home welcomed my family and I back with open arms.

Ever since I set foot on my little spit of land I have been embraced in the most amazing tequila sunsets. I've sailed crystal blue waters where you could see fifty feet down. I have fed sharks and watched the manatee's play in my own back yard while sitting on my rickity old dock half built. I have walked the cobblestone streets where the spirits of the greatest pirate's still roam. The skies are blue, the air smells sweet and the water's are warm. I know the year has just begun but it already has me smiling. As I grow older I realize that I too have seasoned with age. I have learned to savor the finer things, to feel the wonder of God's beauty. To show appreciation for the miracle's that my adolescent mind took for granted. Strange to say, but I've grown up in so many ways.

So as my family and I settle into our new seaside home, and I stand here looking out over that Bay, my heart is filled with awe and I wonder, is this how the greats did it? Hemingway, Robert Louis Stevenson, Jules Verne, did they stand on this very spot?

My mind ponders as I stare at the sun cresting the ocean for the last time today. I hear the whisp of a dolphin's breath as he gives me a wave with it's tail. With perfect timing I feel the sea breeze blow right through my soul and it carries me away.

Barnacle Bill Bedlam with MerAme the Mermaid from Skeleton Krewe

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