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Pirate's for Promise - The linger of hope

A Must Read!

Once again my faith in Mankind takes another blow...

A room in my heart still lye's dark for the accident of my Dear Friend Michael Morrones, then along comes another harrowing account to break my will. A little Florida Girl just twelve years old plunged to her death after being terrorized for over a year and a half, leaving a text that said "I just can't take it anymore!" Days after her passing her Parents found a chilling reminder. On the day she died before she left home she had changed her screenname to "That Dead Girl." Suicide is the 3rd leading cause of death among our youth, resulting in about 4,400 deaths per year. Over 30 percent of students are bully's or victims of bullying and over 160,000 kids stay home from school every single day because of BULLYING! You see it in all media. It happens in the schools, on the playards, on their computers even in their own home. As an Older Gent I can honestly say...I'm afraid the World I once knew is no more.

There's an Evil and Bastard breed that exists in our World today. A society so heinous with beliefs I can't even fit into my head much less my Heart! They fixate on the meek, the innocent, the different, with a narrow mind tainted with their "He doesn't look like I do" syndrome. Hate breeding hatred. Over and over they torture the Hearts of the innocent and the pure with their abuse, be it verbal or physical there's no difference! They attack our young for sport and amusement, building themselves up by knocking others down. Creating a hurt so painful that a child of God, a tender young girl just 12 years old...couldn't see fit to live another day. I ask myself how did we evolve to this. I haven't the stomach to reason with a sick mind, I'm more in favor of abolishing it all together. Don't you Evil Cretans Get It?!, WE ARE ALL THE SAME!!! Family of Man...Remember?! You bleed red just like me!!

Friends, encircle around the one's you love, hold them tightly in your arms. Teach them to love not hate, teach them hope and happiness not anger and resentment. Take them by the hand, give them guidance through the storms. Give them the strength and courage not to succumb to the powers of a poison mind.

I have but one thing to say to the wretched and the guilty, You must know your path of destruction in life comes at a may just as well have sold your souls! The damage you've caused cannot be repaired. The scars remain. These children are gone forever. Ahh, but your day of reckoning will come when the hand of fate is pointing at YOU! Then your Devil will come knocking. And on that day, rest assure you will know the meaning of the phrase "Let the Punishment Fit the Crime!" As the song goes, "Don't ever ride on the devil's knee, Pay your penance well, fear where Angels tread." May God have mercy on your soul.

Barnacle Bill Bedlam Father of two

Pirates for Promise

Please Help Me!! Make this post go as VIRAL as the sickness it represents! Share with your Friends and your Friends Friends! To ANY and ALL with the love for children! If we can save one's everything!

Success! Message received.

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