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"The Isle of Make Believe"

It was more like the Island of misfit toys as me and my band of "Pistol arrows Shang-hai'd a friends boat and took to the seas in search of something somewhere. Our 3 hour tour ended up in overtime as we were just having having the time of our lives filming in some of the most beautiful places imaginable.

With sand in our shoes we were all determined to make that incredible shot and we succeeded - and then some!

Within 4 days we were miles away and riding high on the tide of chasing one man's dream...a character from a book. For five years or more I have been living vicariously in my alter ego world. I took to writing with this character in mind, Heroic and colorful, sort of the James Bond of Pirates. I made it all up as I went along.

Now years later it has evolved into a worldwide adventure for my entire family, film, TV, guest appearances from here to Timbuktu...all from the character in my head.

Today, In the decline of civilization it is not hard to take avenues to seek a better life no matter what the cause, it's in your nature.

The talents of my friends from Lightwater productions cannot be judged. Their creativity and willingness of going the extra mile to get that one perfect shot is key, while being old friends makes every moment a laugh. I know that by the time it's all said and done I will have a film more incredible than the brilliance of the 1st but much more than that, I had a blast and made memories that will last a lifetime!

Be the character in your book! Paint your life full of color and you'll sail through it smiling!

Alice Cooper once said, "If you succeed they call you a hero, If you fail they call you an idiot...but you can always start again!"

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