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"And the Oscar goes to..."

With the Academy Award's steadily approaching it comes as no surprise that the top blockbusters of the year are mainline Fantasy Fiction Action Adventure's. Everybody wants a thrill ride, a vicarious release, something to transform them from the hum-drum. When we go to the theater we want to be entertained! And just like Mad Max every action adventure has it's hero, the triumph of good over evil.

In this nautical tale the Mad Max of Pirate's goes by the name Barnacle Bill Bedlam. He and his Krewe are plagued by the age old haunting of a deal gone awry and they need the savior of the Spirit of the Sea to free them from an eternal bond.

Now although you won't find the Barnacle Captain wrestling any bears like Leonardo DiCaprio in The Revenant nor will you find him hurling through space in a rocket along side Matt Damon. If it's the Pirate Barnacle you seek, you'll find him on a secluded Island with his beautiful bride, his crusty old Krewe and the Mermaid daughter of Neptune himself! ...and maybe some rum! So take sail with these latest productions and enjoy, then go out and get you a copy of my latest adventure Skeleton Krewe, it's a tidal wave of adventure, heart and soul!

We had the time of our lives making these short films to promote my books and I do think they're deservant of awards and attention (maybe not an Oscar, 'bout an ESPY?, I hear they're giving those away these days!) - and it's all due to the lunacy and genius of Lightwater Productions!

Thanks Boys!

There’s a place where real

and surreal collide. With the touch of death cast upon him, a young Mr. Bones must sign aboard a cursed krewe to find the answer to his survival. At the mercy of a madman, a phantom, they must chase the horizon and their time left on earth

to find the ocean's daughter before the wicked finds them!

She bears the power to free their very souls from a life never asked for, a life never wanted.

But will they find savior in this spirit

before the sword of Damocles

buries their souls at sea? No one knows.

Chronical II in

“The Tales of Barnacle Bill”

Skeleton Krewe

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